(Become a Peacepective Blog Writer)

Peacepective derived from the wording, Peace Perspective is the
official digital advocacy platform of the Interlink of Peace and Human
Security (IPHS). The blog is a branch of this digital advocacy platform
whose main goal is to articulate a common voice towards a culture of
Aims of Peacepective Blog
The overall aim of the peacepective blog is to engage different
audiences with timely, compelling and factual write ups on general
issues under the human security and peace discourse. The platform is
open to all and nothing gives us more pleasure than publishing a new
Writing guidelines

  1. Peacepective word count for posts is usually 600-800 words. We
    do, occasionally, accept longer posts; if the piece content
    warrants it.
  2. Be timely, compelling, and endeavour to keep the readers’
    interest as you inform them.
  3. The title should be short and catchy! (We may change the
    suggested title).Keep it snappy and make sure that the first few
    lines tell the reader what the piece is about, what you want to
    argue, and why we should care.
  4. Images are key in grabbing the reader’s attention and for guiding
    them through the blog. Generally, they are the first thing the
    reader registers, so descriptive and eye-catching
    images/illustrations are best.
  5. Referencing: Back up with hyperlinks, not footnotes or citations.
    (i.e. link to other articles and information on the Internet that
    backup your claims and data). In Word, you can do this by
    highlighting the relevant text you want to link, selecting the
    “Insert” menu, selecting the “Hyperlink” option (right at the
    bottom) and then pasting the link into the first box.
  6. Get creative! Your personal style is welcome; however, style
    doesn’t necessitate that the substance is casually researched.
    It’s always about finding balance: keep your writing accessible—
    don’t assume knowledge on the reader’s part. Be critical.
    How to submit a post
    I. A ‘Word’ attachment in Times New Roman font, size 12 with a
    suggested title of the work.
    II. Include author’s name as you want it to appear on the work .The
    blog also accepts anonymous submissions.
    III. A brief (one to two sentences) bio (include email or web address,
    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkeIn—we’ll tag you, and that
    will mean more traffic coming your way!). The social media
    handles should be shared as links.
    WEBSITE: https://iphskenya.org/
    EMAIL: info@iphskenya.org
    IV. Include any relevant images / videos. If you send images, attach
    them as jpegs. Include the photo credit. The image should be
    sent as a separate attachment.
    V. Send your submission to editorial@iphskenya.org . The subject
    of the email should be Peacepective Blog Submission.
    ★ Payment: We are a non- profit organization, hence, any submissions
    made to the organization are on a voluntary basis with no token in
    ★ Copyright: By sending your post to us, we understand that you give
    us conscent to post it after editorial assessment. This will include
    forums such as our website, social media platforms, and newsletters.
    ★ Upon publication, IPHS reserves full rights on the content posted on
    the blog hence the same content cannot be published elsewhere.
    ★ Author (s) Creditation: Unless submitted as anonymous, the author
    will be fully credited for the work .
    ★ Publicity for your writing: If accepted and published, please feature
    your Peacepectivework on your website, in your portfolio, etc.—the
    more you feature it in your sphere, the more traction and traffic it will