The Interlink of Peace and Human Security, started as a Community Based Organization is founded on two vital universal entitlements; Peace and Human Security. It aims to promote, uphold and fulfil the aforementioned virtues through community driven initiatives. The initiatives are rooted in the fundamental principles of Human Dignity, Human Rights, Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution.


The organization founded in the year 2020, was officially chartered on 10th February 2020.It started as an implementation action plan based on the status quo world wide at the time, more so in Kenya. The major highlight of the need to start the organization was the notable shift in the nature of security within the global community.  The principle referent in matters security, was not only the state, instead the security of the individual being was equally important with basic welfare as the best indicator of peace and security. The founders, having a background in International Relations majoring in Peace and Conflict studies, saw the need to use the skills and knowledge they had acquired over time to advocate for peace and human security as a form of conflict prevention and early warning.